Nanna Salmi´s greatest inspiration is the genuine love for horses.

You can wear these timeless items with any kind of outfit.
Bracelet Naomi, ring Cassiopeia

Perfect with a woven horse hair ribbon - a snuffle bit.
Bracelet Scirocco

A good luck charm - a bracelet with the horse shoes.
Bracelet Shoe-shoe

Hair strands of your own horse, gold and diamonds - most valuable for the one wearing them.
Ring Cassiopeia, pearls by request

If you think the stirrup earings are too obvious, you can choose this more discreet design.
Earrings Cali

This timeless, stylish bracelet is one of Nanna´s own favourites. It´s available also as a choker.
Bracelet Naomi

Everyday or festive, a flannel or silk blouse, your choice.
Necklace Salinero

The structure of the rings makes them wearable in every day use.
Rings Amate and Tuum

The horse hair rings Amate and Tuum are popular wedding bands.
Ring Amate (Love each other), ring Tuum (Yours)

A suit, tie and an appropriate tiebar make a gentleman.
Tiebar Poco Loco

The cufflinks Polo are a perfect match with the tiebar Poco Loco.
Cufflinks Polo

In the collection there are items that suit men as well.
Bracelet Nanning