Info and terms / Bedinungen

How to order / Wie zu bestellen
Methods of payment / Zahlungsarten
Terms of delivery and guarantee
Lieferbedinungen und Garantie

How to order


- In order to shelter the most valuable part of your ring, the ribbon, the rings are fairly massive. It is very important that you order exactly the right size: too small is uncomfortable and too big is really unable to wear. If you are not quite sure about your size, please, visit a local jewellery and find out the correct size.
- Rings are made by the European scale in millimetres: 15 – 15,5 – 16 – 16,5 etc. Please, get your ring size measured at your local jeweller’s in millimetres to avoid extra costs of resizing your ring.
- The inner part of the ring is slightly convex to make a ring comfortable to wear.
- If you wish to order wedding bands we recommend gold or white gold. They are more durable in daily use than silver. We also suggest that you would collect extra hair to keep in case the ribbon has to be changed during the years.
- You can wear the rings while taking a shower, doing the dishes etc., but we would not recommend to handle chemicals etc. with the ring on.


- Like any other jewellery also a horsehair jewellery can break. The ribbon can get cut or be depleted, the clasp can get broken. No worries - jewelleries can be repaired and if necessary, the ribbon can be replaced.
- Please do not wear the bracelet next to a metal wristband or a watch continuously: metal edges may abrade the ribbon.
- It takes more time and effort to make a woven horsehair ribbon than to plait or braid but the result is very durable and sofisticatec - the ribbon is even and sleek.

Choosing the ribbon style

- There are 12 different patterns in the collection. In the dropdown menu by every item you can see which patterns are available for that specific jewellery.
- To make a pattern visible we would need hair that has enough difference between colours or at least in darkness and shades. If there is tail hair from only one horse that has got one coloured tail the ribbon will be one coloured 'solid'.
- If you wish, we can add other colours from stock.
- There can be hair from several horses in one ribbon. You can also harvest hair from sieblings, parents or friends of your pony or horse, from your friend’s horse or any other important horse in your life. If hair from different horses are on separate loops we use hair from each one of them.
- Each woven tail hair ribbon looks individual depending on the colour of hair we receive. In the blog you find some examples of the ribbon styles in different tones: "By Colour"

Harvesting and sending tail hair

- We recommend you pull off the hair rather than cut. That´s how you get hair as long as possible and there would not be an unpleasent trace of scissors.
- You don´t have to wash hair.
- By every jewellery there is the information about the minimum length and amount of hair. Please, don´t cut the hair any shorter than they naturally are - it´s always easier to work with hair as long as possible.
- Please turn hair into a loose loop, different colors and hair of different horses in separate loops. Please, make no knots or tight braids and do not use adhesive tape. Put hair loops in an envelope (or a small plastic bag and envelope). Please, remember to attach your name and address with.

Metals and hallmarks

- Silver is 925 / 1000 pure silver, stamp 925
- Gold is 14K rose gold, stamp 585
- If you would like us to use yellow gold, please, tell that in the message field when filling in your personal order details.
- Each piece of nannasalmi horsehair jewellery is also hallmarked by Nanna Salmi’s personal stamp NSD.

Diamonds and Cubic Zircons

- In the dropdown menu by every item you find the standard colours for the stones used. If you would like to use some other colours or stones, please, contact us and we will check the availability and the current price and get back to you.
- In silver only cubic zirconias are bedded, in gold and white gold diamonds, quality class TWS/G vs.


- In the information of each jewellery it is told what kind and how long engravings are possible to make for that specific item. Bracelet engravings are usually made on an outer surface of end mountings in joint writing unless if not told differently. If you wish to have an engraving downside, please mention that in the message field when filling in your personal order details.
- Engravings are always made manually because of the convexity of rings and bracelet mountings. Only the bracelet Nanning is engraved by a machine.

How is your order proceed

- You can make your order in our web shop or print out an order form and fill out it by hand.
- Please, send hair (and possible printed order form) to the following address:
Tmi nannasalmi
Erviänkatu 16 A 1
15840 Lahti
- As we have received hairs they will be checked and verified that the jewellery you have ordered can be made using them. In case it is not possible, we will be in touch with you and you get your money back.
- If you order with the printed order form you will receive the invoice by email or as a PayPal invoice.
- When hair has arrived and we have received the payment the production of your jewellery starts. The delivery time is counted from this moment on.
- The ready item will be delivered to you as a registered letter or by a corier by your choice. You will receive the tracking code by email.

- If you have any questions or special wishes we are more than delighted to help you. You can get in touch on this page or send an email to the address

- As each item is made by an order partly using material supplied by a customer it is not possible to return it.
- If an item is not equivalent with an ordered one or there is a manufacturing defect we carry our responsibility.
- If there is any illogicality in an order or it’s not possible to make an item with provided hair we will contact you and check the order with you.